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The Photo Album

I will post pics of my trips and my fishing partners. I will also accept images to display from other readers.

Pictures can inspire or produce envy. We all want to see though. Any image of a catch or rig is acceptable. There is a size limit so editing may be required.

Pictures from recent trips:

These are photo journals of trips. They are not always complete and even when fish were caught they may not captured on film. Or the angler(s) got skunked.

Flats fishing for reds and trout with Jack
I am on the left and waving is Jack Walker during my trip to Amelia Island
NEW!! Added photo essay for rigging the Hobie with crate and rod holders

Dunedin Camping for NMT 2002

A trip to the Keys

Ft. Desoto - Shell Key Aug. 2002 mini PI

Brunswick, GA guided Tarpon trip

Amelia Island, FL with the N. FL paddling club

September to Remember - 2002 PI

A return to Shell Key - Oct 2002

Jacksonville Surf Fishing trip

Thanksgiving '02 trips (Two!)

Christmas '02 much needed trip

Additional pictures...

Picture Archive...
You can submit an image for posting.
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