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There really are some excellent sites available. I will highlight sites and in the future include a 'site of the month' to provide more details on sites that have excellent info for anglers.


Flats Fishing - Top Sites

CapMel's - Captain Mel's site is a great source for info on anything angling!

Paddle Fishing - Drop by and see John and Jay, the ambassadors of paddle fishing.

David Latimer's Homepage - Taught me most of what I know!

The Fishing Chronicle - A great fishing site for the Jacksonville/N. Florida angler.

Fish/Paddle - More good info [top]

Paddle Zone - A North Florida Paddle Fishing site

Tidal Fish

Ocean Kayak Fishing

Coastal Kayak Fishing BBS

FL Pro Paddlesports Assn - search

Kayaking Directory, Adventure Sports Online

Florida Fishing

Fly Fishing the Southeast


Mudeye Lures (Australia) - An interesting look at fishing 'Down Under'

General Fishing Info [top]

Suncoast Flyfishers Club - A non-profit group promoting flyfishing; St. Pete, FL

Groovy Adventures - a site covering all types of outdoor adventures

RedFishingTexas.com - Home of the "Texas Hitman"; custom lures

Boat Trader Online

N. Georgia Net Zine

S. Atlantic Div CoE Water Levels

Inshore - Salt Water [top]

Addictive Fishing

Cruise's Fishing Site(Daytona, FL area)


Internet Anglers

FlatsFishermen.com Forum - Similar domain name, this is a great forum out of Orlando

Shallow Water Fishing Expos

Paddle Sport Vendors [top]

Coastal Outdoor Center in St. Augustine, FL - great shop and owners.

Canoe Country Outfitters in St. Pete, FL

GASP! Gulf Area Sea Paddler


Kayak Korner

Mad Paddlers - Tampa

Osprey Bay Yaks - Clearwater

Kayaking - Sit-on-top Kayak

Guides [top]

A to Sea Fishing Charters, Brunswick - Capt. Joe Bolinger
Fished with Capt. Joe on a couple of occasions and caught tarpon both times.

the BarHopp'R - Capt. Butch Rickey
I have not fished with Capt. Rickey yet but on the recommendation
of one of the best anglers I know I hope to soon.

Capt. Ariel - Everglades(Canoe/Skiff)

Capt. Mike Wilbur - Chaser Key West

Capt. Pat Damico - St. Petersburg, FL

Capt. Tom Van Horn - Mosquito Coast Fishing Charters, FL

Flats Boats [top]

Mitzi Skiffs - A boat with all the features at a great price

Gear Vendors [top]


Enslave Discount Sunglasses

Sunglasses - Ultimate Shades

Instruction, Tips [top]

Flatsguide\tips tricks - Bones

Fishing Knots

Tides, Wind, Weather [top]

Tide/Tam Bay

USGS Recreation

FL- western Wind Data


Lodging, Local Info [top]

Florida Keys Lodging and Accommodations

The Official Tourism Council

Florida Keys Fishing, Florida Keys Flats Fishing

Florida Keys Fishing, Travel, Water Sports

Florida Keys Fishing

Sporting Adventures - Fishing Hunting and Outdoors

FishReports.net - Sport Fishing Reports

Florida Fishing Report for Flamingo - Everglades

Fishing the Florida Keys with flats fishing guide

LINKS DIRECTORY from Champion Bass site


Give Them A Break

Inshore Fishing and Boating in SE Florida

Fresh Water [top]

Bob La Londe's Yuma Fishing Site - good gear reviews

AnglerWorld.com - Bass

Freshwater - Georgia Outdoors

Georgia 2001-2002 Lake Pros

Jacksonville CoE Water Mgmt

Lake Lanier

North Georgia Trout Online

Outdoor Enterprises

Probass Networks- Tips From The Pros

Sherpa Guides | Georgia | Trout

Sherpa Guides | Georgia | Hybrids/Striped Bass

Small N. Georgia Lakes w/Put In info

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