Jacksonville Surf Fishing
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Jax Surf Fishing 01

My adventure to Jacksonville. Jack said to "come on down" and I did. I left the Atlanta area about 5 am and headed for Jax for a day of fishing. Yep, a 800 mile day trip.
Jax Surf Fishing 02

It was a nice morning to drive. A light fog drifted over the pastures lining I-75 South. Traffic was also at a minimum. I may pull this off.
Jax Surf Fishing 03

Gettting closer to my destination. And there is water. I made good time for my rendezvous with Jack at noon. Maybe I could have slept an extra hour...
Jax Surf Fishing 04

Here is my exit. I am heading south on A1A. I am getting excited now. Have not seen Jack since the trip to Amelia in September.
Jax Surf Fishing 05

We stop off on the way to see Guana River Management area. Jack says this area holds reds, snook, bass and gators. I look forward to going back to fish it.
Jax Surf Fishing 06

This is the dam area that forms the reservoir at Guana River. The habitat provides opportunities for hunting as well as fishing. This is a popular area for subsistence fishing so it gets crowded.