Thanksgiving - 2 trips
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Shell Point Sunrise

This is not a 'nature' scene with the marina as a backdrop but in this case man and nature make a pretty picture (excluding me of course).
Looking accross the channel

This is my second visit and I am glad I returned. Over a year ago I came to explore paddle fishing. No yaks were available but I took a skiff out. It is actually more beautiful than I remembered.
A fishing buddy

Packrat (aka Tim) responded to my post and joined me for the outing. I can not remember the last time we were able to fish together so it is a treat. (He can't settle on a boat though; #5 ??)
Shell Point parking

I have done a better job logitically of organizing my gear. Still too much but I can get it unloaded and stowed much faster these days.
Shell Point launch to bay

Looking out from the launch you can see directly out to the bay. The view is deceptive though as just in front of the point is a massive, shallow oyster bar. Power boats beware.
Outside flat and trout

I was especially glad Tim was along when we decided to leave the mangroves (slow) and hit the flats at the mouth of the channel. A previous trip produced bucket loads of trout. Lots of fun.