Thanksgiving - 2 trips
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Back inside

The wind and temperature urged us to move back in the direction of the launch. Action was not great but the warming water produced some flounder and ladyfish.
Shell Point launch view

This is the approach to the launch. The area is bordered by homes. Boat traffic can get busy but it is not as much a problem as I may have thought for a paddle craft.
Packrat and Atlanta Joe

We are smiling but not just for the picture. It was a great day on the water. No trophy fish to speak of but a nice way to spend the morning.
Thanksgiving, Trip 2

I had hoped to get out for at least one trip and a second was a bonus. I am heading over the Howard Franklin and still not certain about my destination...
Crossing Howard Franklin

Looking out at the chop it was a good bet to avoid open water. Of the possibilities, a new destination, Cross Bayou got the nod. Sheltered (small actually) and a new adventure.
Scenes along the way...

The directions I had were a little misleading. No problem, it just happened to take me by the start of the ride for kids. Lots of Hogs!