Thanksgiving - 2 trips
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It is a small world

I started this trip alone. As I got near the Bay Pines end of the creek I met RayH (aka Ray) paddling my way. He had just fished a hole I had seen from the distance as the water danced from the inflow. Ho knows this area.
Airboat! What the...

We heard this coming long before we could make it out. Turns out it was the Sherif Dept. checking bags and looking for any poachers. Nice. Loud but nice. We need more of this.
Cross Bayou habitat

There is a bird sanctuary and wildlife is teaming in the marshes. Hard to imagine this runs through the middle of Pinellis Park. There are raccoons on the shore foraging.
An open area

While most of the area is confined around most of the bridges there are wide areas with varied bottoms. There is good potential for fish in these areas.
A family of raccoons

I saw many raccoons in the area. Several times I saw a family with 3 young raccoons following a foraging adult closely. They looked curiously as I floated silently past.
A closer look

The animals were wary but this is an example of how well a kayak works for stealthily approaching wildlife; including fish!