Thanksgiving - 2 trips
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Thanksgiving Ride

Hundreds turned out for this charitable event. All kinds of people and bikes were everywhere. A nice added attraction on the way to fish.
Cross Bayou Launch

This is the rental outfit that has been located here for a few years. The owner is back and taking over management. There were several canoe rentals the day I was there.
Skiffs, canoes and jonboats

The little ramp sees all kinds of traffic. This would be a real problem for fishing as this is a tight area. Much of it is only available to paddle craft or jonboats though.
A long awaited snook

This is no trophy fish but it put up a good fight. This fish hit a jerk bait back in one of the 'lakes' which could only be reached by a paddle craft (or pedal craft).
Cross Bayou habitat

This gives you an idea of how tight this area is. And it gets narrower up beyond the bridge barely visible ahead. Too much pressure and the fishing will be affected.
Typical game fish turf

There are a handful of spots like this along the bayou. A cut in from a shallow bay with a good current flow. Snook take a position waiting for bait to be swept into the target zone.