MCPAs host a visitor at Shell Key
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A new tent

My neighborhood. The new tent took a little longer to set up than it should. Only the second time and the first was in the living room. I look forward to using it again soon.
My camp view

Another view of our little tent outpost. There are several others scattered around and a few out on the beach.
An osprey flees

The dot above the sign is an osprey taking flight with a meal in tow. There are several in the area; another sign of the bounty of fish in the area.
Across the bayou

In the distance are a couple of my paddle fishing buddies. I am also trying out a new camera. It has no zoom by choice. I will need to be closer to subjects but color reproduction should be excellent.
The grass island

This is 'the grass island' just inside the pass. It is surrounded by a large, hard packed shallow flat. The pink specks on the left are spoonbills...
A rare hobie outback

also in this shot to the left is another Hobie Outback(I think it was an outback). Don't see many of them. Also on the water was a tandem Hobie Mirage. Lots of pedal boats for a weekend.