MCPAs host a visitor at Shell Key
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Where I am headed

This is a look out the pass where I would be heading soon. As it turned out 'Packrat' had his skiff and I paddled over to the other side of the bridge and got a tow out.
My cooler idea and packing

This is the 'before' my yak packing. A fishing couple thought I could not get all my stuff in the yak...
Packed and ready

...but I did. It was easier than I imagined. My tag along cooler was balanced by a pair of dock bumpers attached with a rope sling and bungee cords.
Lots of canoes

Here is Kyle, Tim's (Packrat) son fishing just in front of the camp island.
Gateway to memories

This is the entrance to the campsite. Our fishing home away from home
(and work, traffic, etc.)
Gathering of liars

When I arrived midday on Saturday several had already spent a night. The camp was set up and a welcoming campfire crackling and ready to light the evening.