Tribalance Outrigger Kayak
This could be your fathers kayak. It has been mentioned as a kayak with 'training wheels' which you would expect as a little ribbing from another paddler. It makes you think a bit though when the comment comes from a complete stranger. One thing is certain, this craft will get some attention, and maybe make some friends. Almost like the having a carnival side show.

After you get away from the stares and curiosity there are some compelling reasons why this boat may be the most versatile of kayaks. When I first was introduced to paddle fishing time was short. I saw the activity on the message boards and wanted to take part as soon as possible. I did not know much other than I wanted to fish. I did take some time researching, asking questions and thinking of my future fishing adventures.

As I mentioned the Tribalance has a clear difference from most other yaks you will see on the water. It is the Outriggers. One of the leading reasons I picked the Tribalance was provision of the design for standing and fishing.

In particular I planned to do some flyfishing both on the flats and the freshwater streams. There were several new kayaks coming into the market at the time I began to seriously look at buying my kayak, including the WS Tarpon and Hobie Mirage. These options made my decision more difficult.    more>>
tribalance front view
As you can see in this picture the Tribalance is a narrow craft. Any suggestion that the design is slow are unfounded.

The outriggers add only a slight addition to the drag. A good paddler can move this boat quickly.
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