Magellan Meridian Marine GPS
Do you even need a GPS? Maybe.
If you do, the Magellan Meridian could be what you need.

I am not sure why I thought I needed a GPS Now that I have one I might be able to do without it but I know I would be reaching for the empty spot where it was. A few of the uses for me are: navigating TO the launch site, obviously marking productive spots for the future, retracing a drift where I had a good bite among others.

When I decided I needed a GPS I started where I typically do and began to do some research. Being a 'computer guy' I started on the Internet. There are some great sites providing reviews and technical information on GPS I will list those for your use as well. The first thing I found was not surprising. It is the same qualification for anything anyone will acquire. There is no solution that does everything for everybody. I am not sure why we ever look for anything that is 'perfect' in every way. The problem is that one or another attribute excludes or shapes another.

For instance, smaller equipment is easier to carry, store, use. Many items have been miniaturized so I am not saying it can not be done. But there may be a tradeoff. With a GPS you give up a better antenna and screen size. If you are rarely in cover then the antenna limitations may not be an issue. Size may also determine how easy the controls are to access. I mention this as my first inclination was for the Garmin eTrex. There is quite a bit of technology and function in this unit. Ultimately though I new that I would want the better antenna of the full size handheld. Garmin has a long time offering in this niche - the Map76.
Magellan Meridian Marine - a flats fishing aid
Magellan seems to have set that unit as the benchmark to beat. In my research I decided they had.

The two major factors that sold me were the huge memory capacity and the installed base map. Next on my list were the antenna, rugged construction and ease of use. >>cont'd
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