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Berkley IronSilk Fishing Line
I had a chance to try this line out over the holidays. This line is...

really smoooooth! I must say that the name play is on target. I have been using a copolymer line, P-Line, that has worked very well for me the past two seasons. However I needed to do reel maintenance and also had a short spool to refill. This was a good time to try the IronSilk from Berkley I had seen in a magazine's 'new product' listings.

I planned to put the line on two baitcasters and a spinning reel. The baitcasters would drop from 10# to 8# while the spinning outfit would remain at #6. The primary objective in changing the line was increased casting distance. After asking a Bass Pro associate if he had any experience with the line he mentioned that casting distance was greatly increased. He also used a spray on line treatment.

It was apparent as soon as I began to spool the line that there is little line memory. The line 'felt' solid, substantial even for the small diameter of the 8# test. When adding my fluorocarbon leader the line made a very compact knot (I used an Albright) and was easy to tie with the line texture.

The very first cast with the spinning outfit got my attention. As the line spilled off the spool I heard nothing. I would expect to hear some noise as the line came off the spool and out through the guides. Nothing. Certainly an indication that resistance was at a minimum.
Berkley IRONSilk fishing line - flats fishing gear

Tough as iron and smooth as silk?
I threw a top water that is lighter than the Top Dog typically used. I got distance equal to throwing the heavier lure with what felt like less effort. The line worked as well on the baitcaster. It was windy and I had to make a risky cast. Of course there was overrun. It came out more easily than mon and no kinks were left in the line.

There is almost no line memory. The line has good sensitivity and the green color seems to blend into the environment (for what it is worth in this type of fishing). I will need to update this in the future for durability results. I have read other comments that the line works as advertised and is very durable. This line is worth a try for your next flats fishing trip and could be a good alternative to braided lines.
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