The Hobie Mirage Outback

This boat is based on the Hobie Mirage kayaks with the pedal system. It has a similar hull to that of the single Mirage but the upper deck has been designed with the angler in mind.

The four molded in rod holders are just the beginning of angling oriented features. An even more useful part of the design is the recessed tray around the cockpit with drink holders. The boat has no large, long hatch openings but offers expansive deck space with a bungee system installed on both ends. The front hatch has an insert to keep valuables dry and secure.
Also added for the angler is a built-in tackle box recession behind the full height seat. This is large enough for a full size tackle box or a box system. Along with this is a badge system to retain a box under the legs of the angler in the cockpit. This is possible as the seat in the Outback is high and dry. There is a scupper under the seat but in six trips so far, including some rough water and high winds I have yet to have the slightest bit of moisture in the seat.

As you can see in the image to from the front, the cockpit is fairly deep. You feel as if you are sitting in the yak more than on it. While this does give you a rather high center of gravity you maintain stability due to the width of the hull. The rails provide a dry ride along with the extra stability.

I guess it would be appropriate to discuss another unique feature in the cockpit. There is a sizable hole in the footwell. This accommodates the pedal system. This is one of those things that seems so simple you scratch your head and wonder why you did not think of it. As simple as it is the pedal driven flippers work extremely well. Without effort the boat can be pedaled at 3 to 4 mph. This pace can be maintained for long periods of time. I have navigated the boat into a stiff breeze on open water and maintained course and speed 3.5 mph covering the 1.3 miles in about 40 minutes(this was on a N. Georgia lake and my feet were numb due to frigid temp).

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