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There are many great resources available on the Internet. It can be hard finding them sometimes.

Interesting sites will be featured here with information about the contents what the site provides.

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March '04: Boating Safety (Sponsored by Sea\\Tow)
Nothing fancy on this site but it is a 'one stop shop' for all your boating safety information and more. Among the many sponsor links are some great tools for boaters. The safety resources include information on every aspect of using your boat safely including regulations, lighting, use of safety equipment, anchoring and checklist for all the important things.

You will also find plenty of resources on the 'Table of Contents' page including online Captain's tests, listings for over 1200 Marinas, Charts on line, weather and fishing reports.

November '03: ALTREC.COM - Skills Articles
The site synopsis in their words: "Altrec.com is all about people's passions for the outdoors. As visitors move throughout the site, they'll experience a variety of services and features that address their individual needs and enhance their outdoors experience." I could not have said it any better. While they offer a complete online store and may have something to fit your needs, my focus is on the 'Skills Articles' published on the site.

What do you want to know about an outdoors activity? Fly Fishing, paddling, climbing, hiking? The list seems endless. Look over the articles and you will see that this is solid and practical information. Of particular interest to flats anglers is the article by Jason Borger on "Spotting Fish" and a great article on getting started fly fishing by Deanna Lee Birkholm.

October '03: Equipped To Survive™
This site is billed as "the most comprehensive online resource for independent reviews of survival equipment and outdoors gear" among other survival related content. I would agree with that claim. You may not think of fishing as an event that would require any thought of 'survival' typically. I would agree that typically there are no life threatening problems. The question was pondered recently in an online forum about whether anglers carried any 'survival kit' onboard. That search lead me to the Equipped To Survive™ site.

I found a complete list of the kits including one I had purchased back in 1996. I found some information on small, pocket size kits that prompted me to get one to stow in a hatch on my fishing kayak. Whether we realize it or not fishing and the outdoors place us in situations that can provide risks to survival.

September '03: Fishing Florida Keys w/Capt. Barry Hoffman
I can not recall the first time my web browsing landed me on this page but I have revisited the site many times. Recently I referred someone in a newsgroup to the page for Keys fishing options in December.

I have never had the pleasure of fishing with Capt. Barry Hoffman but I would put it on the list of things to do. When you view the information shared (of course there are no 'secret spots' though!) you can see that he knows how to get to the fish.

If you are headed to the keys this is a site to check. Even if you not bound for the Keys it will also provide you with great tips on fly fishing saltwater, sight fishing tips, species information and tips among other great tips.

May '03: SherpaGuides.com from Lenz Design
I hit this site during several searches. There is a diverse wealth of information available online whether you purchase the guides or not. However you may find that one of the books is just what you are looking for.

This is what the site says about itself.

"Sherpa Guides showcases an online collection of guidebooks produced by Lenz Design. Visitors to this Web site will find a wide range of information on historic resources, outdoor activities, and even lodging and restaurants. When the site is finished, there will be more than 3 million words, 1,000 maps, 1,000 illustrations, and much more."

Stop by and look over this site and see what kind of information is available to enhance your outdoor experience.

April '03: R. Val Atkinson - Photographer
As many sites you stumble upon on the web, I am not sure how I got here but I am pleased that I did.

This site does not offer fishing tips or techniques. What it does offer is the capturing of what fishing is about frozen in the moment. However the moment seems to offer more as you view it and the subjects captured.

It is interesting to view fishing from a step back rather than being an active participant. It can bring out a new appreciation for what we all enjoy as often as time allows. From the site it appears that Val is capable of capturing images of fishing and the outdoors that appeal to those who enjoy it.

While this is a site to to promote the works if Val Atkinson he offers 3 very nice desktop background images free for the download. You can not argue with that. The images are available in multiple screen resolutions.
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