A trip with Dave...

One picture. That tells most of the story. A serious family illness had made the Christmas holiday stressful. Fishing plans had all been forgotten. A miraculous recovery allowed me to consider a trip. In steps Dave Latimer, FishingDL. The trip was in his skiff, to his favorite spot using his gear (rods, lures, waders, etc.).

After resolving a work related network issue in the wee hours the night before I got a late start. No time to stop for food. No problem, DL had breakfast, lunch and a snack for me as well. His worry was that we would find no fish. After all it was winter and the water temp was barely past the 60 degree mark. I caught fish. This was among the nicest.

DL also had a great day as I would expect. Outfished me more than 2 to 1 and ended the day with a slam. How he got a snook in that cold water I will never know. Thanks again Dave. I have met some of the finest people in my lifetime through fishing.